Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert moved from academia to business with an audacious goal: To transform the way in which her clients understand their customers, create the customer experience, craft their marketing, ensure retention, and drive continuous process improvement. As depicted below, Jeanne now uses her expertise and experience to successfully help businesses ensure profitability by showing them exactly what their customers want and whether they’re giving customers what they want.

We had the pleasure of working with Jeanne and her team earlier this year. It was clear to us very early in the engagement that Jeanne is not only a brilliant individual and one of the leading authorities in her craft, but she is also a great person to work with. The process that Jeanne led us through was well defined and had a logical flow which resulted in no wasted steps or time!

With her guidance, we were able to net more than a 10% response rate from our survey. This is 2X or better than our average for our more typical customer satisfaction and other customer-facing surveys. The insights we received from the survey are incredible and will prove critical to our planning as we prepare our 2016 strategic plan. Through this process, we learned a lot about our customers, business, and ourselves and we owe much it to Jeanne and her team.

Tony DeLuca

Director of Sales & Marketing, Swagelok Northern California

Through a recent social proof initiative they brought to us we secured 253 testimonials, with permission to use them; showed that 92% of our clients would recommend us and 92% were satisfied with DAKOTACARE. And . . .we were able to prove that over 96% of our clients were satisfied with the online enrollment process. All of this social proof is invaluable for our marketing and has helped us achieve record sales.

Greg Jasmer

Chief Marketing Officer, DAKOTACARE©

It’s been worth more than every dime that we paid. We have raised the marketing game of our company substantially, increased our close rate and substantially increased our presence in the marketplace. That has translated into real sales and big bottom line gains that I just couldn’t get any other way.

Randy MacLean

President, WayPoint Analytics

We had an urgent project to capture business demographic information from our customer base. Not only did Jeanne design and execute a survey to capture this data, she recommended an approach that provided tremendous added value from a product planning and marketing perspective. After the survey was completed she went out of her way to provide us with valuable insights into the results.

Karen Davis

VP Marketing, Empiricor Inc.

We collected client insights and testimonials that are invaluable in today’s customer-first approach. The data will help us better align our strategic media services and our marketing with what our clients value most.

Cox Media

Even as a Harvard trained physician with years of scientific training, I didn’t know how to craft the measures and surveys that would give me the proof I needed to market my online programs effectively – that is, evidence of the transformation those programs produce.

Sara Gottfried

MD, New York Times Bestselling Author

Jeanne was extremely helpful in refining our survey to be more concise and effective. We now have the confidence to use the revised version with powerful joint venture partners. We highly recommend Jeanne to anyone who wants to use surveys to dominate their market.

Gail Doby

ASID, Design Success University

Jeanne’s an amazing gal who truly is an exceptional, unique person who really understands the power of surveys. Surveys are just a different way to talk to people and ask them a little about what they’re doing and why they want to do it with you. The more you know, the better you can serve people.

Jorge Cruise

Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Author, NY Times #1 Bestselling Author

Outstanding services on surveys that we used to sell $1.2M of information products to an email list . Effective, highly professional, very smart team, I highly recommend and trust Dr. Jeanne and her team.

Craig Jacobson

Open Spaces Marketing